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At CLS & Associates, we strive to use native plants wherever practical. By favoring native plants, projects of all sizes can provide a welcoming environment for wildlife of all kinds.  Since native plants are adapted to Oklahoma's environment, these plants can survive our wild and crazy weather extremes. Plus, they contribute to a low-maintenance and low water-use landscape.

This does not mean that our projects all look messy or untamed (although some may). The projects below illustrate how we incorporate beautiful native plants seamlessly into the landscape, while promoting habitat for wildlife.

native / drought tolerant projects

Lake Murray Lodge

Chisholm Creek

Buffalo Site

Xeric House

NorthCare Adult Services

Oklahoma Baptist University Sign

Oklahoma State Capitol Building

Will Rogers & Sequoyah Buildings

Market Center SSA

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As principal in charge, Scothorn is committed to every project in a direct, hands-on manner. She is dedicated to creating environments that are artful, appropriate to the site and ecologically sound, and has a special insight into the application of low-maintenance site

and landscape design.


Patric's motto is to nurture client relationships, never step down from a design challenge and continue to be passionate and open-minded when approaching a new project. His main focus is to positively impact the environment by producing outdoor spaces that are artistic in nature with an intrinsic value of bringing people together.

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