CLS & Associates

Oklahoma Native Plants

A guide to designing landscapes to attract birds and butterflies.


CLS & Associates wrote this book after gaining years of experience designing landscapes using native plants. "Native plants will always grow better in Oklahoma's weather extremes than those that originate from other parts of the world", says Scothorn, "And they are beautiful, offering flower color at all times of the year. Equally important is their ability to support pollinators, including birds, bees, and butterflies." Native plants generally require less maintenance than many alien plants and as an added bonus, offer year-round interest. "My favorite plants are natives, now. They come in all sizes, flower color, and when used correctly, can reference the indigenous landscape. "

Until this book, there had not been a good resource for Oklahoma native plants that could be referenced by landscape designers or gardeners. "We hope this book will make it easier for people to use native plants in the landscape, by consolidating information in one easy-to-use reference", says, Patric.

The book profiles over 60 native forbs and grasses, with color images, a description, growth information, plus which pollinators benefit. It also includes information on planting, and where native plants can be viewed.